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Understanding Relics
« on: August 22, 2016, 11:27:55 am »
As the Only 2 items that require changing out as you level up your Character, its important we all understand Relics.

So guys just leaving this here for now as a beginning to a larger thread, however you may have already noticed relics come from
"relic name" - "relic name H" for any bonuses to appear you need to first have the same grade of equipment (normal,good,fine,rare.epic) but also the same Relic Suffix.

If I had a "Good Lighting Bow -G" I wouldn't get the bonus wearing "Rare Gold Thread Armor -H"
However If I had a "Rare Lighting Bow -H" I would gain the bonus wearing "Rare Gold Thread Armor -H"
Because in the second example the item grade was the same (Rare) and the Relic Suffix was the same (H)

On that note the suffix isn't an easy scale to work with as it doesn't seem to work in a linear fashion instead it works in more of a sine wave, with D being the highest peak and G being the closest peak, these item suffix's are what your looking for when hunting through the auction house trying gain every inch of CP at higher levels.

For fast tracking in the auction house select Item Level (suitable to your use) Item Grade (Epic) and then type in the search box only the suffix you desire (ie D or G) and all available items in the auction house should be shown.

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