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« on: August 22, 2016, 11:26:59 am »
Hey guys after a few disappointing turnouts to guild events I've decided to create a bit of a schedule of events relating to server time for ease of everyone over seas,

Ive chosen these times to work in well with all the other server events that are happening for example the guild escort will take place 10 mins before the end of the escort+ time on Server 7 and being all together ready for the war to start.

Guild Defence - 5:15pm
*Defend against waves of lvl 45ish monsters to gain rewards.

Guild Escort - 7:50Pm
*Wait at the border general to receive exp for the guild cart being turned in.

Guild Tree - 9pm
*Take ten minutes out of your day to water the tree can be watered 10 times for 10 mins, this is one of the only ways to earn berries. Monsters spawn throughout the guild every time you water the tree, defeating these spawns also drop berries.

Camp Fire - 9:10 Pm
*Sit around the Camp fire and drink bowls for increased Exp 20-50%

There will be random other events happening of course but we can speak in game for those moments, the above outline should be a daily routine so we can all get the best out of the game, by joining in together we all get added boosts and exp as well as other rewards which will make them selves prevalent as the guild grows.

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